Q.    What are the best ways to increase the property value of your home?

A.    I will start with the biggest bang for you buck to the least.

  1. Updating  the kitchen with fresh coat of paint on cabinets to brighten old dingy ones, add new knobs or handles to the cabinets, changing out appliances, put in new counter top.
  2. Updating the bathrooms, put in a tile surround, or change the laminate floors to tile floors, change the builder grade fixtures to more "designer" grade fixtures, fresh coat of paint.  
  3. Updating flooring, if you have carpeting, change it to either engineered hardwood which is more cost effective than solid hardwood, and looks just as beautiful.  Or just get new carpet, if the old ones are stained.  
  4. If the roof is due for a change then do that.
  5. Landscaping that is low maintenance, but attractive, foliage that is easy to maintain and stay green throughout the year.


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Q.    If you could go back in time to give yourself one piece of advice before buying your first real estate property, what would it be?

A.    I would say to go back to the property at different times of the day and week to see the activity that goes on in the neighborhood.  Many times we look at homes without considering who our neighbors might be and what their activities are, it could inform you on whether it's a good fit or not.

Q.    Real Estate Investing: If you had to give 3 tips to someone investing in income-producing real estate for the first time, what would they be?

 A.   Consider location, is it near a good school district, convenient to amenities, proximity to business district

 Consider amount of cost of bringing the property up to standards.

 Consider if it's to be a rental property, the number of rooms especially bedrooms and whether there is a garage, these features make a property more desirable


Q.    How can you buy foreclosed properties before it's listed?

A.    You can check the county records for foreclosure lists.


Q.    In general, is now a good time to buy real estate in Beaufort, SC?

A.    Now is a very good time to buy in Beaufort SC, it's one of the few small coastal towns left that have affordable homes either on or near water and if you add that to the lowest interest rates for loans, ever, you've got a pretty good shot at getting in at the ground level.


Q.    Buying a Home:  What is the minimum information you need to know before buying a home? 

A.    You need to know what you can afford! Get pre approved!

Q.    Is buying a home still the best first investment?

A.    Yes! especially now!


Q.    Beyond the purchase price, what additional costs should be considered when buying a house for the first time?

A.    Homeowner's insurance, property taxes.


Q.    Selling your home:  What common mistakes do home sellers make?

A.    The biggest mistake is pricing their house too high for the market.


Q.    Real Estate Agents:  Are real estate agents becoming obsolete?

A.    No. 


Q.    What are good tips if I'm building a home for the first time?

A.    Make sure you hire an architect that listens to what your needs are, not try to push his/her ideas on you.

Make sure you get references of contractors that are giving you bids, and get no less than 3 bids.


Q.    What is it like to live in Beaufort, SC?

A.    Magical...


Q.    What is Beaufort, SC known for?

A.    Quaint, small town USA.  Lowcountry lifestyle, Water Festival, Prince of Tides, Pat Conroy, The Big Chill, Forrest Gump!


Q.    What are fun things to do in Beaufort, SC?

A.    Water Festival, Crabbing, Clamming, Fishing, Going to the Beach at Hunting Island